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A call meaning: holler at me biatch.
I gave a skee you to the hoe.
by Xander November 4, 2004
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previously of an un-known meaning, utill the release of poison's album Hollywierd. it is slang for C.C banging a porno queen.
nick ask me what the hell unskinny bop means,
it's slang for C.C banging a porno queen
by Xander February 25, 2005
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Person who lays in bed without doing anything during sex.
He is real cute but in bed he's a dead fish!
by Xander October 30, 2003
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A asshole and a bastard who is obsessed with computers.
Anyone who wants to be like Oubipaws should get fucked in the ass.
by Xander April 12, 2005
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un-pwnz3st p3rs0n evar! comes up with the worst comebacks. and a DORK. but somewhat ok.
who's a very unpwnz1ng person?
weiling is.
by Xander June 12, 2003
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I hated the piece of poo but John was being a swarr and loved it.
by Xander November 4, 2004
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I heard that party was totally thunderball, I wish I had been there.
by Xander July 22, 2003
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