A place where they forget your name and all will lose their soul just to survive the game.
Work at your dead end job, where they forget your name, and all will lose their soul, just to survive the game. Forget your goals and dreams, life isn't what it seems, sales goals they're keeping score, we're all left wanting more.
by shapiro_slayer_69 January 12, 2020
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1, Low wage/sub-living wage job for which there is little potential for advancement in the job, accumulating wealth, or in one's life.
2. A job with high risk to health and welfare, lack of concern for the safety of the worker especially during a pandemic or times when labor and public health/environmental laws are not being enforced. The job has very limited benefits except to the employer.
He was desperate when he took the dead end job during the pandemic, but he had no idea how quickly and badly it would end for so many of his co-workers.
by mlhiss July 9, 2020
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a dead end job is a job where there’s no room for advancement or pay increase and where you aren’t treated with respect .
Teen: hey dad i found a new job and i love it

Dad: that job is a dead end job you can’t go anywhere with that go find a career .

Teen: ok dad i’ll go to trade school or work for law enforcement or maybe even become a firefighter .
by Facts_speaker September 21, 2021
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Employment in a menial job which usually requires minimal skills, offers little pay, and has few or no opportunities for a promotion or advancement within the company. See McJob.
I've worked cleaning tables at this restaurant for three years making minimum wage, and no matter how hard I try to impress the managers, open management positions are always given to college-educated applicants who have never even worked with the company. I'm sick and tired of this hopeless, dead-end job.
by nevermind809 August 23, 2010
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