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a dead end job is a job where there’s no room for advancement or pay increase and where you aren’t treated with respect .
Teen: hey dad i found a new job and i love it

Dad: that job is a dead end job you can’t go anywhere with that go find a career .

Teen: ok dad i’ll go to trade school or work for law enforcement or maybe even become a firefighter .
by Facts_speaker September 21, 2021
simp a boy or man who spends money on a woman he doesn’t truly date or have a real connection with .

also can be a woman or girl who spend money on a man who she thinks loves her .
Woman : hey babe i need my hair done can you help me with 260

Man/boy : sure anything for you (gives her way more than she needed ).

woman : (talking to her friends ) that man sure is a simp.
by Facts_speaker September 21, 2021