Adjective that characterise people that can easily dazzle other people by their amazing looks and personality. It is a very rare quality. So far, there are only two people known on the planet that possess this quality.
Groupie: You are dazzling!
Rockstar: And so are you!
by dazzlinggirl April 24, 2009
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You :)
damn did you see June she so dazzling
by qwertyuqwerty April 10, 2021
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A convocation of fuckboys.

Any group of 3 or more fuckboys gathered together to perform fuckboyery.
Was the frat party good?
Naa man it was just a dazzle of fuckboys
So it was just a normal frat party?

by Scott Hall 2 August 30, 2015
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when a really hot guy/girl smiles at you and you and you get dizzy and start hyperventilating. Edward Cullen commonly dazzles people simply by accident.
Friend: What's wrong?

Me: I just got dazzled

Friend: OOOOOOH...
by Olivia J. Scott August 8, 2008
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To be owned by members of the teen soap 'Hollyoaks.'
Darren: 'You just got Dazzled there, lad!'
by Dazzle Osborne October 13, 2015
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"do i dazzle you?"

girl just got dazzled
by twigirl December 13, 2008
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verb. to charm. may cause hyperventilation if done correctly. if not, ur just, someone was trying to dazzle me. Edward Cullen from the world famous bestselling Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer is famous for dazzleing every girl in his path without realizing it.
Me: OMG !!!!! that guy SO just tried to dazzle me
jenny: are you dazzled?
Me: *hyperventilates*
jenny: oh. so he DID dazzle you!
by franniewantstabedazzled October 3, 2008
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