39 definitions by thEbX41

what my parents call everything when they're angry. Must be a polite way of saying fucking.
-Get your shitting fork out of my plate, Eric!

-Take your shittin' ass someplace else, you're being annoying.
by thEbX41 September 22, 2012
This is a phrase that you say when someone does or says something but they have no idea that their timing was totally and stupidly wrong. Oftentimes, people will say it with the word "all".
How you gonna go to the movies with everybody, leave me behind, and then tell me that the film is good and I should go see it ALL AFTER THE FACT??
by thEbX41 September 17, 2012
Dumb way of saying smacked. Just means that youre really really high off some good marijuana.
I was so shmacked last night.
by thEbX41 September 20, 2012
Shaking My Head + Face-Palm. An acronym that's reserved for things seen on the internet that are of the utmost stupidity/ignorance.
by thEbX41 October 3, 2012
Someone thats liable to wild out at any given moment. Wild and gnarly at the same time. Can also be used for something thats badass or just sick.
My boy Darryl will crack jokes on anybody on the streets. He don't give a fuck if they're black, spanish, white, old, or in kindergarten. That dude is a wily mofo.
by thEbX41 October 16, 2012
A ghetto abbreviation of "You is", which is the ghetto way of saying "You are".
You's a bitch!
by thEbX41 September 17, 2012
Verbing someone or just verbing PERIOD, is when you talk reckless about somebody or just straight up diss that person! Its basically the same thing as violating someone except verbing is STRICTLY verbal, never physical. Comes from the term verbal abuse.
-I'll drop anybody that verb my momma!

-Why you gotta verb me like that??

-N*ggas always verbin', but never bout that action..
by thEbX41 August 30, 2012