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A Pokemon with an unusually large fanbase thanks to it's feminine looks. Don't bother looking to hard, porn is everywhere.
"I think if I wanted any pokemon to be real, it'd be a gardevoir. They're loyal to their trainers, and know some good moves. And they're hot."

"You know there can be male gardevoir too, right?"

by Garde's other acolyte November 24, 2007
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A Pokémon first introduced in Ruby and Sapphire; it has a giant fanbase due to its feminine appearance. However, some people neglect that fact that half of all Gardevoir are male. This can provide a bit of awkwardness. Luckily, Kirlia, Gardevoir's preevolution (and a feminine Pokémon in itself) can evolve into Gallade if it's male. Also, due to its appearance, Gardevoir hentai can be found in thousands of places on the Internet. If you can't find it, then you're a dumbass.
OP: /r/ rule 34 on gardevoir!!
Anonymous: We're not your fucking search engine.
by Derpa Sherpa April 01, 2009
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A pokemon known as a waifu due to its womanly appearance.
A: Why do you have a frikkin Gardevoir waifu pillow?
B: Nani!?
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by ChickenLui November 04, 2018
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