A neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia, which has been called home by many rap artists, including Ludacris, T.I, and Young Joc.
"Claim College Park where they flip them birds" - Ludacris
"I tell em' College Park, where they chop cars"- Young Joc
by Stellz May 11, 2007
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where they chop cars
In 20 grand spend a grand at the bar
The Residence Of Yung Joc (Where he stays)
Niggas in my face
damn near every day
aska million questions like Joc where you stay
tell 'em College Park
where they chop cars
In 20 grand spend a grand at the bar
by Parris September 28, 2006
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College Park is a high school in The Woodlands Texas. It's so overpacked with kids that despite the school being three stories and huge as hell, we still have to build more onto it. Students must be hearded through the hallways like cows just to get to there class, yet retards will still stand in a group to talk while everyone is trying to push by them. Most everyone in the school does drugs, and at the same time tells everyone they don't do crap to try to fit into the "in" crowd. Everyone is fake, but for some God damn reason will not admit it. We have every steryotype imaginable at our school except for probably indie kids, which is probably banned at our school socially because they're actually individuals and not preps and emos who say they are different. Most of the girls are sluts and most of the guys are douches. Most of them are so caught up in their social lives that they're completly ignorant of the world around them, and probably don't even realize there's a world outside of The Woodlands. The Child Development and Nutrition teachers are probably the best teachers in the world. We have a teacher that's most likely related to Jesus and floats along the hallways between periods. Our band is fucking awesome and consists of the coolest kids in our school.
Girl that looks and smells like abrocrombie shit on her: Like, why would you want to sit in the cafeteria while everyones huddled together in their own sweat cheering and clapping like clones watching Donkey Basketball at the Pep Rally?

Gothic/Scene kid with Hello Kitty bandaid and Gir back pack: "Like" Fuck off. Bitch. I hate College Park so much...
by Some Schizoid Kid October 04, 2009
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