Popular section on the southwest side of Atlanta . Its known for street criminal activity , gangs and trap music . Many rappers and celebrities come from this part of Atlanta such as 2Chainz , KapG , RichTheKid , Gunna , OGMaco , Monica , CamNewton, PastorTroy, YungJoc, etc . Many people and visitors consider it the Compton of Atlanta due to its crime and it made the FBIs list of smallest U.S. cities with highest crime rates .

College Park also holds the world's busiest airport , Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Intl Airport .

It holds a capacity of the ShadyBlocc crips on Old Nat'l Hwy , a set from the Rollin60s NH Crips.
Many people respect this neighborhood because of its culture and historic presence , and many fear it because the notoriety of crime in the area .
College Park is a city full of trap music and culture but there’s some parks you shouldn’t go .
by SOUTH-SIDE Mook December 18, 2018
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I got lost near Hartsfield and somehow ended up in Compton, turns out it was College Park.
by ThurrtyPhiv January 16, 2009
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A neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia, which has been called home by many rap artists, including Ludacris, T.I, and Young Joc.
"Claim College Park where they flip them birds" - Ludacris
"I tell em' College Park, where they chop cars"- Young Joc
by Stellz May 11, 2007
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where they chop cars
In 20 grand spend a grand at the bar
The Residence Of Yung Joc (Where he stays)
Niggas in my face
damn near every day
aska million questions like Joc where you stay
tell 'em College Park
where they chop cars
In 20 grand spend a grand at the bar
by Parris September 29, 2006
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Where something that would be reasonably priced at any other time suddenly costs two to three times more.
The pre-med student went to the Commons Shop with his last three dollars to buy a box Reese's Puffs, but due to the College Park effect, it cost six.
by UMDgirl February 12, 2011
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Half the school is emo half of the girls are lesbian and you get dress coded everyday also football team suck go cp
College park highschool is a fuckin horrible place of night mares and college prep
by Hoodlands kid af February 23, 2018
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Rival to the Woodlands High School and Oak RIdge. Mostly white kids and a very tough academic environment. The pep rallies are lame and there is no school spirit whatsoever. If you aren't in the Academy of Science and Technology, good luck because you're on your own. Nothing interesting happens here, except redneck hicks chewing tobacco and students getting caught having sex. The assistant principals' sole purpose is to dress code people and just give you a hard time. The school food is shit, so if you don't want explosive diarrhea or dysentery, bring a lunch. The teachers are ehh, the football team sucks, and the school has of lot of cliques. There is a self-titled "Relevant Group" that only consists of football players and cheerleaders. Also, if you want drugs, they are readily available through the Mexican 'gangs'.
Person 1: Hey, you know that school College Park High School?

Person 2: The one with 3,000 white kids, 900 Mexicans, and 100 black kids? It sucks!

Person 1: At least it's not as snobby as the Woodlands High School.

Person 2: Yeah, those people are asses.
by woodlands inhabitant February 1, 2016
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