a super lit dab fire face to do in all occasions whether for selfies, yearbook photos, or just for funsies! u can achieve this ~cute face~ by placing ur hand on ur cheek and doing a duck face with ur lips ;)
“wow did u see how pretty ava looked in her yearboook photo?”
duh she was doing cute face. everyone looks fire when they do cute face.”
by dablitfiresavage November 30, 2018
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1)That female that is strikingly cute. Self explanatory, a woman, girl, or baby with a cute face.
2)A women with more than just a superb body going on.
3)A well groomed, made & bathed woman of class.
4)That chick thats more than a hoe, freak, or shumpie.
5)An innocent baby, toddler, kid, or preteen.
6)A phrase you say to a woman when you want to capture her attention with some other than, hey yo, what it do, hey lil mama
7) Someone who makes you feel good or makes you smile when you see their face.
8)That female with that warm, friendly, or beautiful smile.
9)Something sometimes said when you forget a females name or dont know a kids name.
10)A chick that is so attractive, beautiful, and sexy that you keep forgetting her name.
11)When the looks, smell good, hair, and style is right & flawless on the female on a daily basis
"Hey lil cute face yall want some off the ice cream truck?"
"Thanks uncle for taking us to the carnival, You're welcome lil Cute face"

Good afternoon, Miss cute face, working hard today?

Every time I try to approach you, you're always busy, now i got you, cute face whats your name?

I saw you standing over there looking at me with your lil cute face.

Ima tear lil cute face up tonight!!!
by Spookdafied Bah March 28, 2010
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When a person winks with their mouth in an O shape. Thus creating the cute face ;o Girl usually do it to one another to show how cute they are. Girls enjoy it even more when a guy does it.
She just did the cute face ;o
by cutefacer October 25, 2011
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Phrase used to describe the hottest girl at your school. Coined on the GameFAQ's board Current Events by user AKAUnreal05.
she is easily the hottest girl at our school. Cute face and rockin body.
by OldMenStrikeForce February 3, 2010
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a sexy girl who has a extremely sexy face, when you look into her eyes your man hood begins to throb.
Dam that chiara nero is the cute in face, her eyes awaking my friend.
by holydiver11 January 11, 2012
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Term coined in the midwest. Used to describe something/someone attractive. Usually said in Spanish accent while intoxicated.
"Oohh, he is so cute in his face!"

"That prostitute is so cute in the face!"
by k8e27 November 5, 2007
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