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One of the richest counties in the US. The east coast version of Orange County, California. Home to preppy kids and gorgeous women. The only decent place in scummy new jersey. Dirty Jersey!!
Yo i hit up the partys in bergen county like its my job son.
by DAN April 25, 2005
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quite possibly the best place to live in all of New Jersey. with the exception of Woodcliff Lake, any town in of this county kicks ass
Bergen County has mad rich people, but they still throw kick ass parties.
by maxxxxxxxxxxxxxx October 13, 2005
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Dirty Jersey the 2two 0zero 1one BC Bergen County...know one knows what Bergen county is really about, Its about the Cars the Money and the Girls. Home to Ja rule, Jason Kidd, Lil Kim, Fat Joe, Russel Simons, Joe budden, Birth place of SHAQ and many more. In Bergen County we do things big and and our parties are sick and our girls are crazy. Its all about BC Bergen County fuck the OC
BergeN CountY whas good...
by vickk December 22, 2005
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Not a, but THE county to live in if you're in New Jersey. A place where I feel as if I'm lowering the property value by simply driving through it. A place where the grass is green year round, all the traffic lights are green when you cruise through, the women are gorgeous, like they all just stepped off the runway and the birds chirp Beetoven symphonies. The houses are huge, the parties are sick and every car that drives by costs at least three times as much as my shit-ass house in South Jersey.
I was born and raised in New Jersey, but I will NEVER be able to afford to live in Bergen County . . . ever.
by that outside dick May 22, 2006
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Where big breasted women flock as if they were the salmon of capistrano. Where the beer flows like wine. Where the parties go on to the early hours of the morning. Ludacris said it best with, "201 so much green, so much fun."
Bergen County if for people who love huuuuuuge titties!
by e.h. October 12, 2005
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bergen county, one of the wealthiest counties in america, full of daddies working in new york city , or better known as the city. we throw the best parties you will ever witness going to diners to end the night is STANDARD, girls decked out in juicy, lacoste, tiffany's,n lily citizens, sevens, luluemon, and solos and hardtail a few years back. im pretty sure that every girl in bergen has ATLEAST 1 coach bag, but that is pushing the minimum ( and of course not even coach, chanel, dior, prada, dooney & bourke, burberry, gucci.....) we go down the shore every summer, but do NOT like to be associated with south jsersey otherwise. we dont say joisey or have big hair, we go play tennis at our dad's country club.. . and old tappan is the BEST town in Bergen County..totally dominating demarest, but we will not get into that right now...sneaking into bourbon street, going to guess whats new, keeping it real in dirty jersey... 201 so much green so much fun!
by jenaveve April 11, 2006
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