When dat gurrllll wallkss biii wit day fine ass doooeee. U be like "Dat ass doe!"
den all you boys be hollerin like "OOOOHHH!!!" "SHEE WANTS THE D!!!" "GET IT BROOO!!!" (black hood accent doe)
Wen dat ass is big! And u and yo booyyss be like "OHHhH!!!! Dat ass doe!!!!!!!!!"
by #WhitBoyYOLOSwagThough October 28, 2013
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The sent in the hood, the smell hood rats give off.

"Uhh ho you smell like bounce dat ass."
bitch clean yo teeth you smell like bounce dat ass
by Chocolate thunduhh December 10, 2013
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getting some serious ass in barcelona. typically between the hours of 0300 and 0500h.
partner: "broham, i had the craziest night last night. some muthafuckas flew us to spain where we met up with some crazy chicks in barcelona. after a light meal out, i tapas'd dat ass until the early morning."

broham: "sheeeeeeeeeeit partner, you tapas dat ass like a muthafucka."

partner: "true dat."
by omar the terrible July 11, 2011
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"is that a keg in your pants, 'cause i'd sure like to tap dat ass'
by Anonymous December 06, 2002
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When you’re trying to have sex in a bathtub and end up getting stuck because you’re too old and your bathtub is too small.
I knew better than to have marital relations in such a precarious position. He said he wanted to “tap dat ass,” but after getting stuck, it was more like “taft dat ass.”
by Adagiomega November 22, 2020
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The switch that flips in a guys mind when he sees a girl with a nice ass. It instantly makes him want to smash and he will probably try to get in her pants that night.
Guy: “Yo did you see Kayla today”
Guy 2: “yeah I had a “dat ass” response to those yoga pants
Guy: “you gonna hit that?”
Guy 2: “yeah probably later tonight”
by ThatLogicalGuy May 23, 2019
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