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Dariene is a one of a kind type of girl. Girls want to be her and guys want to have her. She's beautiful and sweet, caring and open to anyone. Often gets hurt by trusting to easily but is never discouraged by it. She isn't afraid to speak her mind and can do it in a professional and nice manner. Yet still get her point across, also never hurt her because she is easy to loose but hard to get back. Why would you want to loose such an amazing go-getter lady who will be something in life? If you find a girl named Dariene never let her go!
Guy 1: Hey bro, did you see that girl come out of geometry?

Guy 2: Yea Dariene?

Guy 1: She seems sweet, and is pretty hot. I need to get her number!
Girl 1: Did you see Dariene holding Carlos's hand!?

Girl 2: YES OMG ! I hate her so much for being with him... Why does she have to be so pretty!
Girl 1: I know.. I'm jealous!
by BasicsDontKnoe June 16, 2014
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