Hadley's are very wise people. They have a very strong opinions and no one can change them. Hadley may be a little awkward, but she is one of the greatest people you will ever meet. Loyalty and honesty are extremely important to her. Once you break her trust you most likely won't gain it back. She is very smart and has a large amount of common sense. She is beautiful, but she has no idea. She loves to laugh and live in the moment. She has a dark sense of humor. She is a realist and tries to look at the bright side. She is extremely independent and doesn't care what others think of her. She has a unique sense of style and she rocks it. Most people are jealous of her features. People tend to gravitate toward her mysterious ora. Everyone needs a Hadley in their life because they are amazing.
Hey, have you met the new girl, Hadley?
by Smad.deli November 26, 2019
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A person named Hadley is usually very independent. She has a tendency to make friends with everyone and is very beautiful though everyone but her notices it. When you first meet a Hadley you might think shes quiet, but she's anything but! She has very strong opinions and not afraid to express them. She is very loyal and could make a great friend. Possible Careers for include Politician, Lawyer etc.
She is such a Hadley!
by LianaQueen December 9, 2018
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Hadley is my dude who speaks fluent sarcasm. She has a gazillion cousins.

often goes by haddles, hads.

1 like = 1new cousin for haddles
Random kid- "did you hear about how hadley is cousins with half of they guys in the school?"
Me- "Yeahhhhh"
by watchoutitsdatboi May 6, 2019
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A beautiful and incredibly fun person to hang out with. He/she is incredible in every way. You will want to spend every moment of your life with her. He/she is just amazing.
by TwoSalt July 15, 2019
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Hadley is an amazing person that smiles 24/7. Hadley is known as one of the popular kids and is gorgeous. A Hadley is someone with beautiful hair and flawless skin. She’s got an amazing personality and beats to her own drum. She is academically smart and also very good at sports. She’s the kind of person everyone wants to be around and she makes a great friend.
Hadley is gorgeous.
by Advancedwriter304 January 11, 2018
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A lovely gal who is so lost she can't even find herself. It doesn't matter to her though. She is so selfless all she wants is to help others who are lost. She beats herself up when she can't meet these impossible standards she gives herself. She is always tired and must have cuddles at all times. A total wild card but your favorite person.
Hadley makes me the happiest person ever!
by yuck.i December 18, 2017
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Hadley is one of the nicest most caring friends you will ever have. She is a great actress, but is never fake around her friends. Very loyal and fun to hang out with. A Hadley also has amazing hair that everyone is jealous of.
by umathecreator48 March 25, 2013
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