someone wants the best in life and they work hard to get to make it happen for themselves nobody stops them.
We went to a job program and we had go-getters who want to look for a job and want to make it happen in job force market.
by Wisdomgirl November 17, 2013
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Someone who is a hustler,money getter,and hustle hard. A go getter motivation is usually money family or fame. All or nothing and get it in meaning working hard by all means necessary.
I'm a go getter i work part time student and take care of home. I stay getting money ,always focused and working hard.
by Boosie boo October 6, 2014
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That guy from Extreme Makeover Home Edition is a go-getter!
by Blwah! December 23, 2005
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A person who works hard and goes after whatever it is they want by any means necessary. Even working 90hr weeks.
Look at Kay's come up, that girl is a real go getter!
by Sagethyme March 1, 2023
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A rap group including Kanye West, GLC, Consequence & Really Doe. A group from the CHI. Where Kanye got his start. "Uh Oh" is one of their songs. VERY BANGIN!!! kanyetothe...beat, THE ROC IS IN THE BUILDING!!!!!!!
The Go Getters have that song "uh oh" which is pretty bomb ass CORE!!!
by Jobie Trice December 1, 2005
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a girl who LOVES the dick, and attacks it with great force, and cheers herself on as she goes.

Katie's a go getter in bed; she likes to GET THAT DICK!!!
by Pneezy October 27, 2007
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A friend who hangs out with a friends boyfriend more than the girlfriend does.Not quite a home wrecker but almost there.Usually goes to "just dinner", casual text messages every day, always shows up at his parties alone,and goes shopping with him "for the girlfriend."
Text messaging usually ends up in an almost hook up.
In the end when approached uses mutiple deffense mechanisims and blames it all on the girlfriend.
That Sarah girl is such a Go-Getter and Nick doesnt even know it.

She uses that Go-Getter attitude with all the boys in the HILL.
by tweedledeedumdum December 28, 2009
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