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Referring to XXXTENTACTION, it's when one's dick has length but no girth.
I fucked a nigga last night who pulled a good 9 inches but he had a skinny ass dagger dick so I didn't cum
by afgdfgsdgdsgf March 30, 2017
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a term for a penis which is wide at the base, gradually narrowing going towards the tip, reminiscent of a dagger.

The term was popularized by rapper/singer/songwriter xxxtentacion, or X
yo that man Tigran got the daggerdick

deadass, Tigran got the dagger dick that hoe sharp as shit

Ayo Tigran your dick ripped through your pants again
by daggerdick September 25, 2017
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When you get an erection in a small area where people are close together (elevators, subway train, etc...) and it touches somebody and they notice as if you were stabbing them with your "dagger dick"
That dude just dagger dicked me in the elevator
by Just Roz July 18, 2009
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Referring to xxxtentacion it's a long pointy penis thats good for reaching your g-spot
Omg last night I fucked young dagger dick I felt it rub against my g-spot and girrrl I came fast as hell
by Niggercracker July 31, 2017
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Dagger dick is when your cock is long and skinny but is not thick enough hints the the name
Dan - yeah my cock is really thick

John - I wish I had your cock I have a dagger dick
by Wet wet much November 03, 2017
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Dagger dick is a word used to describe a long, yet somewhat skinny penis.
Person 1: yo, you see that interview with Xxxtentacion?
Person 2: yeah, bro said he got a dagger dick
by Yourgirlnenni May 06, 2018
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