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Someone who rides a bicycle regularly or participates in bicycling sports.
Lance Armstrong is an avid cyclist.
by PhotoBiker September 01, 2006
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A male who habitually and exclusively engages in intercourse with mensturating females.
Male 1: "Dude I went swimming in the Red Sea with Chelsea last night!"
Male 2: "You are a fucking disgusting cyclist piece of shit."
by osito3 November 11, 2011
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In Australia, a cyclist is someone who is over privileged with their rights when riding on the roads yet they disregard and ignore everything they're given and constantly get in the way of motor vehicles. Bike lane? Why use that when they can ride in the middle of the road. Don't ride side by side, ride in a single file; it's the law!, yet they ride in groups with multiples side by side. One of the worst kind of communities in Australia for sure.
Why do you think you're better than I? Oh you must be a cyclist.
by AntiCyclist May 02, 2018
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1) an unpleasant or despicable person.
2) A self-righteous twat, who doesn't believe red traffic lights apply to them.
3) A derogatory term for a person whose behaviour is intolerably ignorant, obnoxious, offensive or moronic.
• Look at that twat, jumping red lights and riding on the pavement. What a fucking cyclist!

• Fuck off, you cyclist!
by Baggashite August 04, 2017
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someone who cycles shitty internet jokes on a bb because they can't come up with good material
did you hear that craptacular joke bob told the other day? what a cyclist.
by vangroovy October 05, 2008
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