Someone who rides a bicycle regularly or participates in bicycling sports.
Lance Armstrong is an avid cyclist.
by PhotoBiker September 1, 2006
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A cyclist (including in Australia) is someone who has come to the realisation that riding a bicycle makes infinitely more sense than following along with all the dumb sheeple who drive their fat arses by car to any destination further than about 100 metres from their current location which is just the way the corporate oil company and car manufacturer marketing intended.

Cycling takes various forms from recreational road riding and mountain biking to utility cycling for commuting, shopping and generally getting around. With the right infrastructure in place, cycling could cater to a very large portion of transport requirements in many urban areas.

Unfortunately, large scale uptake of cycling as preferred mode of transport is hindered in many places around the world (including Australia) because of (amongst other things) overly slow infrastructure improvements and the revoltingly bad attitudes of drivers which have come about through decades of pro-car propaganda and urban design that have lead to the most pea-brained dullards in the community to believe such patently absurd, trumpesque nonsense as: "roads are only for cars", "my fuel excise and rego pays for the roads", "my car is a status symbol", "my time is more important than that cyclist's/pedestrian's life", etc. Yes, cars have created one of the worst kinds of communities for sure (including in Australia).
I'm so glad they've closed off the entire CBD to cars because it allows cyclists and pedestrians to move safely and freely while increasing the profitability of local businesses.
by MisterWheeler January 18, 2019
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A male who habitually and exclusively engages in intercourse with mensturating females.
Male 1: "Dude I went swimming in the Red Sea with Chelsea last night!"
Male 2: "You are a fucking disgusting cyclist piece of shit."
by osito3 November 11, 2011
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A group of people that think all they can do all day is go slow as shit in the middle of the road and then complain when they almost get hit by a car,or they see a "fuck cyclist sticker".
by Fuckcyclist February 27, 2020
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A cyclist is a lazy cunt who can't be bothered walking, while pretending to be morally superior because they don't drive.
Oh for fuck sake, how many cyclists have I had to try and get past today?
by I Hate Political Correctness November 26, 2019
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Living nuisances that might as well be run over because they are slow as fuck and contribute little to nothing to society.
Person in car: "Go faster you stupid fucking cyclist!"
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someone who cycles shitty internet jokes on a bb because they can't come up with good material
did you hear that craptacular joke bob told the other day? what a cyclist.
by vangroovy October 6, 2008
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