Its short for baby.
I luv u so much bb.
by big bitch :> October 10, 2020
Netspeak for baby, most likely used at the end a phrase as an added emphasis or exaggeration.
Those r sum nice eyes uv got der, bb.
by notgnna September 22, 2006
A pet name for friends meaning 'baby'. An exclusive word that can only be used by people of certain ranking.
The word 'bb' originated in the mid New Hampshire Dartmouth area.
Moriah: Hey bb.
Sal: Hey bb!
by salasaurus February 24, 2014
Slang of the Arabic word Habibi
Pronounced (bibi)
Okay bb I'll be home by 7.
by Kulud September 15, 2019
Short for baby or beebee used in a humor sense.

person2:” heyyy bb!!!♥️“
by it’s the girl..33 August 24, 2018
Used often by strippers
Means your about to lose
A lot of money
Hi bb how are u
by Pussyhunter66 August 2, 2020
Barebacking - anal sex without the use of a condon
He says no to BB, but all else goes.
by liftinman September 12, 2003