A word that a douchbag uses to calls cold cuts (meats, cheeses, etc.)
I’ve prepared charcuterie and placed them on a board on the coffee table for my guests to snack on prior to dinner being served.
by Scorpion21 June 3, 2018
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French word misused by uncultured monolingual Americans to refer to food platters, regardless of whether there actually is charcuterie (ham, prosciutto, salami, mortadella, etc) on these platters or not
- I made a Charcuterie for my daughter's birthday. It had all kinds of candies!
- What? Your daughter had cold cuts for her birthday ?
by Josh9168 March 12, 2021
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As an adjective, charcuterie means for something to be magical and radical! Charcuterie is good vibes only!!
“How’s your day?”
Charcuterie, dude! How are you?”

“Dude! You’re lookin’ so charcuterie right now!”

*Double back flips off ski mountain*
“Dude! Charcuterie!!”
by kenz9253 January 22, 2023
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We got several starters including the house made bread and charcuterie.
by Margs891208 May 27, 2021
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An excuse to eat like shit because some twat waffle put a catchy name to it.
Here is 3 lbs of of nitrite filled lunch meat, 1 lb of fat filled cheese and some sodium rich empty calorie crackers.

I can't eat that it's bad for me!

Don't worry its on a fucking wooden board and called charcuterie....you'll be fine
by Salami stretcher March 23, 2021
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“Charcuting” or charcuterie is when a shart happens but more shit comes out than normal and is forcibly spread across a women’s cooter.
I ate old cheese and meat off a cutting board and then tried to fart but some shit came out and a charcuterie happened causing me to get a UTI.
by charcut December 29, 2020
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