"The Girlfriends" is usually a group of middle school/high school teenage girls, who, them, are bubbly and badass at the same time. Their name is inspired by the fact that they're most likely all singles, making it pretty ironic. There's always a mom, an alcohol drinking lover, a party animal, a down to earth, an AD(H)D humorist and someone who's a mix of them all. Also, half of them are not a 100% straight. They're the type of friends you'd be happy to be loved by and scared to be hated by (even though they hardly hate anyone...but mean jocks . They can't stand them). If you're texting (out of love interest) one of the GF members, know that the other members will know EVERYTHING, trying to get their friend to be with you. They're like nice under cover spies for every and each situations they face.
They're not among the popular girls and don't try to be either. They're more like the type of high school clique that ALWAYS sits at that one table in the middle of the school cafeteria for God knows why while minding their own business...while talking about boys, of course.
1: "Why do they always sit there ?"
2: "It's their table. They even wrote "The Girlfriends" on it with permanent marker."
1: "They did ?"
2: "Yep. Nothing suprising, they're literally "The Girlfriends."
by Always_cam April 29, 2020
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something that you'll never have if you keep looking on this site.
Andrew: "Hey, did you hear about Anthony getting a girlfriend?
Tyler: "What the fuck is a girlfriend"
by Quack3rs November 1, 2019
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me: don't have a girlfriend

you: that is very true :(
by Coronatime.com/yourdad March 17, 2021
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mystical creature whose known powers range from clairvoyancy to being able to bleed for a week without dying. a person to have on your side.
by xaeneta July 28, 2003
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a female who you love, admire, respect, and desire to be with; a girl who makes you laugh, smile and realize what true happiness is; your perfect match; a girl who goes from best friend, to teammate, to partner in crime all in one day; a woman who brings out the best in you; your favorite lady.
I had the best weekend because i spent it with my girlfriend.
by a. fox July 23, 2007
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