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(n) someone who collects cups.
That girl is a cupper. She has a new cup every week.
by peachycheeky May 30, 2016
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Someone who uses a menstrual cup for a period instead of tampons or instead of/with disposable pads. One cup lasts 10+ years, its reusable and most are made with medical grade silicone or a similar material.

Conversion to a cup can be for financial reasons (average savings of ~$200-300/year or ~$2400-$3600 over 10 years),
or environmental (reusable), or for comfort/health (non absorbent/no chemicals)
Q: Can you spot me a tampon or pad?
A: Sorry, I don't use disposables, I'm a cupper.
by avensara January 30, 2011
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The meaning is "loser". The word originates from the word "cup" which again gets its meaning from the grade of "U" which signifies a fail grade at IIT Madras. Therefore calling someone a cupper means that the person is a loser.
"What a cupper he is" or "Come on lets go to bruges, don't act like a cupper"
by Rasto February 21, 2009
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racing fans who purchase cable for the 3 months during the nascar chase for the cup then cancel.
do you have cable? no, but we will in the fall... we're cuppers.

did you hear that they only have cable for the nascar chase? what a bunch a cuppers.
by Jesse Colburn May 25, 2009
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a spot of english tea OR 54" DDD prime cup English Bra
thick fog & crackle of wood fire, with a cupper. "Oh dear you know Americans raising a bit shit in bagdad ". " I know honey americans are overpaid, oversexed, I'm glad not in england ".

Oh honey WOW prime cupper come to daddy. English bolder holder better than a cup of tea.
by itichie_nocanpo June 24, 2006
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A dumb fuck who clearly is retarded , slang for :mong , twat , cunt , retard ect. Often acts like a lil’ batty clutterfucker However some are clapped but pipe up often when reviving V bucks (credit card kid) Slang for this is ‘cupped
James *lil slap head sneaking around picks up blue pistol instead of green pumpy’ James your dad ran away you dumb cupper / your cupped.
by Lil dedoid May 13, 2018
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n. Person who, on birthdays etc, gives coffee cups inscribed with witticisms to pretty girls he admires and wishes to date. Less intense than flowers or jewelry, the gifts can be laughed off if his feelings are not reciprocated.

Valentine's Day is coming. Going to finally tell Sophie that you love her?

Nah, but I found her this great mug with an erotic limerick! In Latin!

You are such a cupper. You know you are going to die alone, right?

Nos amici mei videbundt!
by gnostic3 June 10, 2017
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