Madras which is the short form of Madrasapattinam is the old name of Chennai , the capital city of the state of Tamilnadu. The city was one of the important early holds of the British East India Company who purchased a fishing village of Chennapattinam or Madrasapattinam in 1639 and built the Fort St. George there , around which the city of Madras grew. It has three rivers , the Adyar , the Cooum and the Kosasthalaiyar flowing through it in addition to the Manmade Buckingham Canal. Post independence , it became the capital city of the state of Tamilnadu. August 22 every year is celebrated as 'Madras day'.
Madras is a great city to live and work in. I love to visit the Marina Beach in Madras.
by The Black Shirt July 15, 2021
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A shithole cesspool of a town located in central oregon, where everybody fucks everybody regardless of gender or relation. A methamphetamine mecca on the west coast.
Your acting like your from madras.
by gruntsunn August 1, 2008
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A town in central Oregon. The town is very small, often times you can see a tractor driving through downtown.
Person 1: Lets go to Madras.
Person 2:Nah, I don't want to get stuck behind a tractor.
by Creampuffchocolate June 2, 2015
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madras is one of those school that you can’t forget. everyone there is so different and retarded in their own special ways. you’ve got the junkie that you catch burning the lungs out outside of school. you can’t forget the chavs who wear a foundation colour that matches a fucking carrots skin colour. also you have the weird under the stair kids that all have orgys together and watch anime and think screaming “reeeee” is funny. you have the massive group of boys everyday trying to have a wrestling match, lobbing themselves at each other’s.

honourable mentions would be; the friend group from primary school, the indie pretty girls, the guys that fear any females, simps, weird lesbians , incel homosexuals, token gay, token lesbian , the friend group that might be lesbians, and plenty more.

the school is going to pieces (quite literally). all the teachers are either nonces or cunts. the only nice ones you never have.

apparently the school has “no money” but yet they keep buying useless shit that no one asks for

so an easy way to say is the school is shit; but it will not stoop so low to bell baxter
oh you know chad? which school does he go to?” “he goes to madras college” “oh god my condolences to him”
by gods_wonky_teeth April 17, 2020
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Madras Plaid is a type of fabric that originated in the Southern city of Madras, India, now known as Chennai, and was woven on looms by hand or machines, and the fabric itself is a pattern of various lines of different colors, intercrossing at pre-designed distances, making a check pattern, but with larger, and not necessarily geometrically symmetrical lines.
Madras Plaid was made hugely popular, when initially its colors were not fast, and would bleed (bleeding madras), and hence, after a few washes, the resultant fabric would have a worn out, vintage look, making it very desirable to some fashion aficionados, especially the Ivy league set, the preppy fashionistas and among vintage menswear lovers.
Hence, Madras stuck around, and even though, today's Madras is not bleeding, it still is a very desirable clothing item.
Today, the largest collection of Madras Plaid fabric is available online at various fabric stores like and others, and can be ordered by the yard or wholesale.
Madras Plaid shirts are perfect for summer wear.
by MadrasPlaidFabric April 15, 2020
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Madras Middle School is where the popular girls will talk sh* abt eachother but then go to eachother houses and are all the sudden BFF’s again. And if you don’t have a date to formal then ur considered not cool. The popular girls pay attention to what you wear and will make group chats planning on what they are all going to wear the next day and it better be lululmelon and calvin kelvin or they will look what you weird and you feel judged. Their are not many cute guys so once you claim one there “yours” and if someone else steals them then the whole group will turn on you
Madras Middle School is the school that will make you feel terrible about yourself
by Ya girlll:)) March 3, 2019
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A given word for you mother
Another name for mother/ mummy/ mum
by yeah_nah_bro July 18, 2018
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