Mmmhhmmmmm oh yeah yes oh yes mmmmmmm oh yeah
Carson: wood fired pizza, hows pizza gonna get a job now
by Rousingcashew September 28, 2019
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Another word for Ghonoreah. Used from the guy perspective.
Ryan: Dude! I made sweet sweet love to this hot slut last night.
James: Oh yea? Did you get fire wood?
Ryan: Shhh, Don't tell any one but my wood burns like a mofo.
by Marshbag October 16, 2006
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Male plagued with chlamydia or Gonorrhea.

Male who is gifted in the underpants.

Wood cut for the purpose of burning to stay warm or cook food
She was a great time, but I got stuck with freaking fire wood.

Dang, Paul rocked my world with that curved fire wood.

I’m a stud at cutting up firewood
by Pdiddypablo December 30, 2017
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1. Putting wood on a fire
2. Getting venereal disease, so that your penis burns like it is on fire.
1. Could you put a little wood on the fire, it is getting chilly in here.
2. Chaz has to get to the student health center, he got a little wood on the fire.
by Stevr13 January 26, 2014
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When you get your dick to close to the bonfire and gets caught on fire
Jimmy had a wood fire last night. His dick was actually on fire.
by chinahassmoldic October 19, 2017
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To fuel something, to feed it
One man can’t satisfy her bruh. She needs more wood for the fire. She’ll never settle down.
by Ka$h December 29, 2021
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