to cup a breast/boob/tit as in feeling up
I was cupping her last night when my mom walked in.
by Random dude 1337 July 19, 2005
The act in which kisses result in the perfect matching union between the lips of two individuals.
Often used in the context of 'Perfect Cuppings' (highlighting the perfect union between two lips)
Antonym would include 'Imperfect Cuppings' when kisses received do not reflect the perfect union required to be 'Cuppings'
"The cuppings she received every morning were a sign of his affection towards her."
Can be used in other contexts- 'Daily Cuppings' (daily perfect kisses) 'Permanent Cuppings' (extended kisses meant to last forever) and 'Temporary Cuppings' (kisses of very short duration, not long lasting)
Is abbreviated at times to 'Cups' as in "Where are my 'Cups' (kisses)"
Other uses include but are not limited to: Weekly Cuppings, Flying Cuppings (blowing a kiss), Undercupped (underkissed), Overcupped (overkissed), Simultaneous Cuppings (at the same time), Reserved Cups (saving someone kisses).
Ingenius uses of the word include: The Unlimicup Package (giving someone this would mean you would give them unlimited kisses (potentially over a weekend)). There are many alterations and variations all related to using the work 'Cuppings' or 'Cups' and is in reference to how perfect/frequent they are with most users describing the time of day/length of duration/frequency of provision of these "Cups'.
by Humping Mon Mon March 6, 2015
Breasts that aren't filled with silicone. They look just as good at 50 as they do at 20. B and C cups might be nice, but A's are the best.
I wish my girlfriend had a-cups!
by ABND November 3, 2005
"how much pot do you have left?" "I've got an A-cup left."
by zarfog April 15, 2007
To be drunk or in the middle of a drinking session.
"He is in his cups."

"Are you in your cups?"

"I can get a bit racist when I am in my cups."
by John Quentin Rowland March 10, 2008
In medically supervised transgender therapy, the stage in which a male to female transition hormone therapy enables noticeable A Cup size breast development. This gives the first opportunity for the individual in transition the ability to show off and share their real breasts and is considered to be a transition milestone.
While his treatments have just begun, Bruce's hormone therapy will allow him to start A Cupping in the near future.
by Eaton Holgoode April 30, 2015
The only line of defense between you and the line drive shot to the position you're playing in baseball.
Dude, what happened to that guy's testicular region?
Oh, he forgot wear his cup, and now he can't have babies.
by Vlad the inhaler February 28, 2009