the opposite of "burn". When one is praised, you say, DAMPEN!
Person A: Dude that's cool.
Person B: DAMPEN!!!!!!
by Nichirin November 15, 2006
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Any experience that feels like having a bucket of cold water thrown over your head. Something that produces a corresponding comedown in mood in the person experiencing it.
"Jeez, when I found out the price of the drinks, it put a right old dampener on the proceedings."
by Pherbs August 9, 2007
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One word that refers to the Coronavirus pandemic. It effectively shortens the phrase as well as captures how people feel about it, "I am so sick of this ---- pandemic!" Instead of constantly having to refer to it as the Coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic, simply switch a few of the letters in the word pandemic around. This will enable people to refer to it more quickly and efficiently. Replacing the words Coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19 pandemic with "dampenic" will save people time, free up their energy reserves and provide them with the necessary strength to put on their masks and help put an end to this ---- pandemic.
dampenic - I am so tired of people not wearing their masks and spreading this dampendic!
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An item used to absorb the sound of a fart e.g. a cushion or a pillow.
"Yes, the couch is nasty but it the soft cushions make it a great fart dampener."
by Oler B November 21, 2009
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A typo made during a flirty online conversation which momentarily dampens the spirit of the moment beyond repair.
Girl: Hahah yeh lol

Boy: So this summer you'll rub lotion on my back by the poo?

Boy: *pool

Girl: Er yeh, sure..

(Boy: 'Shit that was a real flirt dampener')
by TheBald July 20, 2010
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A term referring to an attractive man or homosexual woman.
That Portia de Rossi is a real lady dampener.
by j7 January 24, 2014
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a drugstore paperback book filled with smut.
She can't tear her eyes from that stupid panty dampener with Fabio on the front.
by jaims August 2, 2006
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