To return after a long period of time
*door opens*

Old friend-I'm back bitches
by Jaysweg June 14, 2014
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Exclamation uttered on the moment an individual realizes or re-iterates his or hers personal wealth to someone he or she wishes to humilliate.
"Hey, did you win the state lottety?" "Yeah! I'M RICH, BITCH!"
by sardaukar siet September 18, 2006
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Great comeback when someone questions your actions
Or just to to self congratulate
Mate she had a face like a bucket of smashed crabs!!
Answer with: It's how I'm Livin Bitch!!
Mate I smashed the back out of it, It's how I'm Livin Bitch!!
by Bobbybigballs July 18, 2008
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A sentence used for a person being bossy who refuses to do anything himself, saying that you are not his personal slave, or "bitch."
Bob: Hey, Jim, mind grabbin me a Coke?
Jim: Okay.
Bob: Hey, get me a box of tissues.
Jim: Uggh, okay, fine.
Bob: Can you get me the remote for the TV?
Jim: Shut up and do it yourself. I'm not your bitch!
by Matjlav August 31, 2006
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A response to obnoxious people who demand you to do their crap. They will request something unreasonable or treat you like "their bitch"
Obnoxious "When I tell you to do something You do it." Response "I'm not your bitch"
by Douchebagtwerp March 24, 2011
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