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The act in which kisses result in the perfect matching union between the lips of two individuals.
Often used in the context of 'Perfect Cuppings' (highlighting the perfect union between two lips)
Antonym would include 'Imperfect Cuppings' when kisses received do not reflect the perfect union required to be 'Cuppings'
"The cuppings she received every morning were a sign of his affection towards her."
Can be used in other contexts- 'Daily Cuppings' (daily perfect kisses) 'Permanent Cuppings' (extended kisses meant to last forever) and 'Temporary Cuppings' (kisses of very short duration, not long lasting)
Is abbreviated at times to 'Cups' as in "Where are my 'Cups' (kisses)"
Other uses include but are not limited to: Weekly Cuppings, Flying Cuppings (blowing a kiss), Undercupped (underkissed), Overcupped (overkissed), Simultaneous Cuppings (at the same time), Reserved Cups (saving someone kisses).
Ingenius uses of the word include: The Unlimicup Package (giving someone this would mean you would give them unlimited kisses (potentially over a weekend)). There are many alterations and variations all related to using the work 'Cuppings' or 'Cups' and is in reference to how perfect/frequent they are with most users describing the time of day/length of duration/frequency of provision of these "Cups'.
by Humping Mon Mon March 05, 2015
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To weigh, with one's hands, someones testicles
I was feeling bad, until Brian gave me some cupping. I felt better afterwards
by 1GunRunner June 03, 2004
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when a women touches a males genitals and gently massages his balls.
While cupping Zack, Chloe was super shitfaced.
by Stewart Scrivans February 22, 2009
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To cup the elbow of someone in a supportive, friendly manner. Variations of the cup include 'earthquake cup', whereby the elbow is shaken in an earthquake style motion, or 'rock-a-by cup', where the elbow is gently rocked!
'I'm cupping you!'
by January 21, 2009
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The action of an individual that places a men's sporting cup against their face for sexual pleasures
Did you see Judy cupping it last night with Tyrone ?
by Luckykys July 19, 2014
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