The act whereby a man pisses a woman off to such an extreme level that she goes into a violent cuntrage
eg. unanswered sms sends woman into a crazy cuntrage where she berates a man about his lack of sexual performance and vows never to call him again
by HelloKitty/Shinzlet March 19, 2006
The art of complimenting someone for a job well done. The cooler and funnier way to say Congrats.
Rose, cuntrags on winning the 1M PIC.
by MMMM Beer June 4, 2009
1. An inventive term used to refer to someone you dislike or who has displeased you. Can also be used in a affectionate fashion.
2. Soemthing which a girl crams up her cunt during menses.
1. "Hey cuntrag"
"That guy is such a cuntrag"
2. "I'll be back in five, just have to change my cuntrag", Sarah said
by Bleh Blah February 22, 2005
A dude that looks like a Chad with fake gauges, and a small penis
Kaden is a Cuntrag, look at his tiny penis.”
Adjective used to describe an undesirable situation or event.
"Oh no I missed the bus ... cuntrageous!"
by Ryan September 13, 2004
A situation is cuntrageous when it is both outrageous and a party involved in the situation has acted in a selfish or spiteful manner, who may colloquially be referred to as a cunt.
Kabir says: Are you seriously telling me that Mathan didn't stop trolling Daisy for 16 straight hours?
Byron says: Yup
Kabir says: That is cuntrageous!
by EmperorK June 4, 2015
Scots - literally: sanitary towel. Often used as a pejorative.
"Haw you ya fuckin cuntrag!"
by Mr Bawbag July 10, 2012