Byron has gone through lots of pain and lots of people don't realise how amazing he is, because they don't give him a chance. Because of his past, he is kind compassionate, wise and great at advice. He is a true gentleman and is mature beyond his age. He doesn't realise how much people love him. He is extremely smart, very athletically inclined and also has a great passion in the arts. Byron is a trustworthy friend, loving bf and a caring person. Love you bestie xx.
girl #1 "Who are you on the phone to?"
girl#2 "Byron"
girl #1 "omg can I say hi?!"
by BESTIE2022 July 31, 2018
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The President of the United States, according to a man from Coney Island that often appears on Sidetalk (@sidetalknyc)
by ItsLittyInDaCity December 1, 2021
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A Byron is a great friend.
A Byron is a creative wordsmith. A Byron is very artistic and musically talented.

They have a surreal imagination. A Byron can make you laugh and want to slap them at the same time. A Byron has past angst that makes them worldly weary.

Byron’s are free spirits and wander off without notice. ….if you trust them they come back eventually with vigour and a secret smile. A Byron has fantastic highs and real lows. A Byron loves food, music, women and travel.
A Byron is a great communicator when you are in favour. They are intriguing and don’t realise how much you love them for who they are right now. A Byron is gallant, a real gentleman and ladies man. A Byron loves being outdoors and at one with nature and they are often dog owners. A Byron is a Bohemian.
I could curl up on a sofa and just listen to a Byron for hours.
by May Pole February 7, 2010
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Byron - a very humble man for who he is.
by Rey1111 October 19, 2017
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He is the embodiment of a King. He carries himself with honor as he is honest. He is very respectful of others. He is fair & kind he returns energy so treat him how you want to be treated. He is so sexy & charming! You can’t help but fall for Byron. He is an Alpha male and he displays a great example for divine masculinity. When in love he is dedicated and he always gives his all. Being both a companion and a lover. Naturally he is motivating to the ones he cares for as he wants to see the people he loves succeed. He is multi talented & his biggest passion thrives in the arts. He captures the most amazing photographs. I think that’s how he managed to capture my heart. He is very successful and a natural leader. The world doesn’t deserve Byron’s.
Is that a Lion?? No it’s just King Byron
by PlutoZoricon October 11, 2020
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A very lively character, very good in bed.. and the creator of everything. Always mixed up with God.
OMB - Oh my byron
On the seventh day Byron rested
by jesushunter October 25, 2010
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Byron is a very nice guy, he is caring , teases girls but in a nice way, very attractive and active, good in bed
Girl 1: girl I just went on a date with Byron
Girl 2:and what happened?
Girl 1:everything girl
Girl 2:he is fine asf
by Markwalt March 29, 2020
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