On the outside, he seems like a smart, witty guy who isn't too aware of social dynamics. But, oh no, that's not quite the case; he knows things and just does tell you until the time is just right. This guy... he thinks more than you think he thinks. Yes, I know that sounds weird but this guy is up to more than you think. Nerdy? He acts like it, but oh no, you see him out of school and he is completely different. He's VERY smart and changes how he acts to meet the situation perfectly. He knows when to talk or when he be quiet. He knows when to be confident and when to be modest. He knows a lot, and he's ambitious. He doesn't want to be popular, but he wants to be respected. Kaden, he's a great guy. Very charismatic. Very logical. He's knows how other people think. With the girls, they say he's charming. And I'm salty that I'm here alone. He's no player. Don't worry about that. But he likes honest girls. He wishes that he could meet more people in life, but he knows that he'll never get to know everyone. So, perhaps you should instigate something. You won't regret it...
"Ah, Kaden," they say. "Always looking at those Japs."
by euphoria03 October 21, 2018
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Kaden is a guy who has brownish hair. He loves music and plays an instrument. Girls like him and want to be with him, but he doesn’t know how to talk to them. If your one of his closest friends he’ll open up to you. He is very introverted tho, and it will take him a while before he can trust you and reveal himself to you. He loves to enjoy life and laugh and when he smiles, you can’t stop smiling either.
Kaden is so quiet and in his own bubble.
by lovesislove March 1, 2018
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A Mans name meaning "fighter" it is a original name with a unique spelling that is becoming very popular.
1. Kaden will kick your ass, he is a natural born fighter!

2. Better watch out, he is a Kaden, he'll mess you up!
by Mhope August 1, 2009
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Kaden is a super nice person, and is always trying to have fun. He loves his Gf and will do anything for his friends, family, and gf
You know Kaden? He’s the super hunky and totally cool and popular and really nice
by Heythat’sme! February 24, 2018
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A bad ass mothfucker that could kick anyones ass all day. kaden is usally a cool and funny guy who has many friends while some might not be so nice to him Kaden will offer his friendship to anyone because he is this that cool of a guy. Kadens are way cooler then mikes.
by Red link October 25, 2010
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He is a cute, fun loving guy with a great personality!(: He makes everybody laugh no matter what mood there in. He has girls all over him at school because he`s such a babe! He is also a really great kisser. He`s sporty and has lots of friends. He likes brunette girls that are tan! You fall in love with him right when you meet him(:
Did you see Kaden?

Yeah, he`s such a babe!(:
by Lovesyou.(: December 20, 2011
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