Inifinetely outrageous, really bad situation.

A person who commits an outrageous act
1) What that guy did was cuntrageous

2) That shit was cuntrageous
by Peter August 17, 2004
(n., insult, slur)

A derogatory term used to liken your distaste for someone to be in the same ilk as anyone's natural distastefor something so severe as a dirty rag used to clean a woman's dirty vagina.
"Fuck you, you goddamn dirty cuntrag. I'm going to kill your family and rape your sister till she bleeds."
by J_Dup August 23, 2006
Someone that is so nice to everyone he becomes annoying, and ends up as a victim of sociatal assrape bullying. The term can also be applied to someone who has a girlfriend that controls their life.
Highschool friend: When are you gonna come out and hangout with the squad, you fucking cuntrag?

Cuntrag: I can't im watching soap operas with Christine and giving her foot massage.
by Yeah, im that "one guy" July 24, 2017
Talia Napoletano
Talia napoletano is a cuntrag
by Jabjr95 July 22, 2013
Charlie's Ultimate Night of Tramps, Rapists, Alcowhores & Geordies...

A momentus Occasion where we celebrate the returning of Miss Charlie Herlingshaw to "le Shire".
I'm Going to CUNTRAG... Are You ??
by le Dudz September 3, 2006
A old towel that has been used many times by old women at a retirement house and has evidence of mold forming on it.
Dont throw that expired cuntrag on my face!!!
by mexicangardener January 20, 2005