Plural collective term of cunt. not literally. Used in particular in describe a bunch of tossers (again not literally..well..)
you walk into what u think is a normal pub, but it turns out that everyone is a wannabe-DJ-with-an-aloof-manner and you say, "Boy, there's a lot of cuntage here tonight."
by maculate February 6, 2005
used to describe unwanted people on the internet, or moderators/navigators on chat sites
"get fucking lost you unwanted cuntage"

"that navigators a right cuntage"
by ladycazzeh July 4, 2006
decent vagina acquired by means of mad cuntness. It's also a descriptive word used in the context of porn.
timmo says to patto man your a mad cunt, why thankyou timmo u fuckin mad dawg lets use this acquired gift of mad cuntness to get us some cuntage.
by webbo and richo April 20, 2009
You are so much of a cunt that other women around you also become cunts.
Julie and Ericka just ripped me a new asshole, what happened?

They have been hanging with Beth, that bitch is cuntageous!
by DAVnCHAINS December 7, 2010
How long it takes your wife to dress.
Christ!! It takes that cuntageous to get ready.
by ambo December 11, 2003