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A way of asking people how they are
hey honey hows you diddling
by ladycazzeh October 16, 2006

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Website where the users of lycos chat or WBC as it is now known, crusade to right the wrongs of all that is corrupt on WBC
Have you heard the latest about Larholm on Lycos Underground?
by Ladycazzeh July 21, 2006

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when something is broken or lagging badly. Most commonly used in conjunction with WBC
the chat was well fuckereded so the chatters all went to UG
by ladycazzeh April 29, 2007

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a jumped up arsehole who helps people on lycos chat.
the navigator was power hungry and kicked all the chatters out
by ladycazzeh July 08, 2006

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used to describe unwanted people on the internet, or moderators/navigators on chat sites
"get fucking lost you unwanted cuntage"

"that navigators a right cuntage"
by ladycazzeh July 04, 2006

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