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Any flood of religious cuckbois who believe in a God, idol, guardian, deity or of the like. They are often ambitious/extremist zealots and can be of any culture, belief or religion, be it Christianity, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, etc. They will often argue or fight solely for their preferred religion and deny all others just to protect theirs. They often refuse to listen to others not of their own and will fuck you over provided you oppose them or refuse to join.
The KKK cult is a bunch of spoiled school shooters who abhor blacks because of their giant monkey dicks.
by picklestein June 20, 2016
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A group, often times though not always religious or spiritual in nature, that is led by a single or small group of leader(s).

Members are often recruited or by some means persuaded to join, rarely if ever knowing how destructive and harmful a cult can be -- rarely knowing that it IS a cult. Though they usual come off as being generous, caring and in the best interests of their members, cults are inherently based on furthering the desires of cult leaders.

Cult leaders commonly use thought reform or "brainwashing", in conjunction with other methods, to slowly and deliberately reel in more control of said members. In many cases, members may eventually forsake their friends and family (non-members are viewed as "wrong" or "bad") and give up their careers, homes and/or money to the leader.
Jonestown is an infamous example of a cult. Many people were recruited to what was portrayed to be a friendly, all-inclusive and loving community church. Through years of exponential thought reform, however, members would eventually devote their lives to Jim Jones and, in effect, die for him.

Note: Not all cults are harmful in nature. Many are benign, i.e. trekkies.

See for more extensive definitions.
by Camryn March 24, 2005
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Something you don't know you're in till the last ten minutes
Sitting in a circle of flame in a burning building Gee, I guess mom was right. It WAS a cult!!
by Cultist June 30, 2003
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A cult is an organisation that has a set of beliefs in which the cult is viewed as being the one true organization, everyone else is wrong.

Usually they promote some kind of religious belief - usually made up by themself - but not always, some cults can be athiest, such as Amway.

Usually members have black-and-white thinking, and see their organization as being infaliable.

Members of a cult can be known as followers.

Followers will obay the cult leaders instructions and believe the propaganda without needing to verify it with much proof.

They are usually superstitious.

Cult members can be of average intelligence.

When people wonder about how a cult works, they usually focus on what the leader is doing. Usually the leader is just a charasmatic con-artist.

The real mechanics of how a cult works can be understood by focusing on the psychology of the follower.
The cult had over 1,000,000 members, each of whom, believed that the leader knew the secret of power, and by following him, and by buying all of his products, they too, would understand the secret.

Cult B had 1,000 members, and members believed they were with the right way because so many around them were following the crazy ideas, and the leader seemed so powerful.
by I am your leader!!!!1 January 15, 2010
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1. A religious organization that excercises excessive control over its members.

2. A small or unconventional religion
We saw some people from a cult out passing out brochures trying to recruit people.
by Anonymous June 22, 2003
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A group of religious dudes, that want you to cut off your balls.
C'mon, cut off your balls, we all did it!
by MagicDonJuan November 23, 2003
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An organization that disguises itself as a religion. Usually requiring members to offer large amounts of money and time to participate. They have strange rituals, and practice brainwashing.
"Hey man I just paid 300$ to get myself audited for Scientology"
"Wow man you just joined a cult, dumb shit."
by Bob Lee Swagger April 09, 2008
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