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A group of peoples that believe that an alien came down from the heavens, landed on a volcano, gave their (now) leader the name rael, and believe that their mission in life is to clone human beings so that the human race will continue on. Probably will end up drinking toxic kool-aid so that they can meet the aliens coming behind the comet in the sky.
She's a Raelian and believes she is going to give birth to herself! HAH!
by Dimetri June 09, 2005
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A belief that scientifically advanced extraterrestrials known as the Elohim (taken from the Hebrew texts of the Christian Bible and the Torah and usually translated as "God" in English but translated as "those who came from the sky" in the Raëlian message) created life on Earth through genetic engineering, and that a combination of human cloning and "mind transfer" can ultimately provide immortality.
The Raëlians promote the social ideas of sexual self-determination and a spirit of sharing and responsibility, which, they claim, will bring a new age of wealth and peace. The philosophy is based on humanitarian values including human rights and freedoms.
There are many links between the Raelian belief and the Bible. The Bible can be interpreted to support the Raelian religion.
Their message includes protecting and respecting all of life. This includes that your own actions cannot be blamed on the devil, and there is no need to "thank god". They spread love and happiness by promoting freedom, individuality and respect for life.
People that mock and disrespect different ideas such as Raelism are the same stupid assholes that believe Jesus rose from the dead for your sins.

Wow! I didn't know that some Raelians beliefs come from the Bible.

Uhh...The devil made me do it! Oh wait...I'm Raelian, sorry my bad.

Did you see that Raelian! She's hot!
by Scaley Lee March 07, 2006
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