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A mix of ebola and aids
He's gonna die from ebolaids.
by picklestein October 16, 2014

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A flame war with fanboys of either Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft fighting amongst each other. They are often biased to supporting their system and their system only, not knowing the advantages of the other systems.
Nintendrone: Wi1 U iz best, Fuk ur grafices, N1n73nd0 4 lyfe!!!11!

Xbot: We haz online & intarnut & C0D s0 we r bezt niqqurz!!11!!

PS Whore: N0 PS4 iz shiny & thus bezt!!1111!!!

PC Gamer: Whatever *sits back and watches rant*

Morgan Freeman: And that is the Console War in a nutshell.
by picklestein June 23, 2016

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Vault Girl is the female counterpart of Vault Boy, the Vault-Tec mascot. Unlike the Vault Boy, she only appears for female only perks or accompanies him in various images. The Vault Girl appears rarely contrary to the Vault Boy and only for some representation of perks, reputations, traits and equipment. She also appears in a TV for educating cyberdogs in Big MT. Playing as a female character will not cause the Vault Girl to appear, but downloading mods can help.
Vault Girl > Vault Boy
by picklestein June 23, 2016

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Any flood of religious cuckbois who believe in a God, idol, guardian, deity or of the like. They are often ambitious/extremist zealots and can be of any culture, belief or religion, be it Christianity, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, etc. They will often argue or fight solely for their preferred religion and deny all others just to protect theirs. They often refuse to listen to others not of their own and will fuck you over provided you oppose them or refuse to join.
The KKK cult is a bunch of spoiled school shooters who abhor blacks because of their giant monkey dicks.
by picklestein June 20, 2016

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Call of Duty: Source
dam bich i pwn u in counter-strike
by picklestein June 21, 2016

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An Xbox or Playstation fanboy, thinking graphics and horsepower equal everything.
Xbox fanboy: We shuld laff at teh Wii U cuz it haz no gaymz ore online ore moshun cuntrull!!1

Playstation fanboy: It dun hav grafices eivor!!1

Nintendo gamer: Fucking graphics whores.
by picklestein May 01, 2015

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One of the many major trolls on YouTube. This one claims to lead an "army" to "enlighten" gamers about CoD and how it is "superior" to all other games. Despite his obvious trolling, he still grasps bait easily.
IntelligentCoDFanboy: "CoD is the biggest franchise in the world. It has innovated the FPS genre and everything involved in the genre as well. Other FPS such as Battlefield, Counter Strike, Halo and GTA copied CoD. They are CoD ripoffs and are not worthy of playing. CoD on the Xbox will have the best graphics and biggest performance of every game worldwide. It will be the most successful game with the best score and the biggest fanbase."
by picklestein June 23, 2016

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