Cuck is a word to explain liberals and people on the left-wing that have lost their view of reality. Who have stopped using reason and logic, and have gone into using emotions and feelings to verify themselves.
Anita turned into such a cuck when someone contradicted what she said with a proper citation. She said she was offended by being corrected and it hurt her feelings.
by Orion Blastar January 6, 2017
A person who has accepted and become complacent to the deprivation of that person's role or identity.

The term is a shortened take of “cuckold” which is defined as “A husband of an adulterous wife.” The implicit message there, then, is that anyone called a “cuck” is someone perceived as emasculated.
A cuckquean, is the gender-opposite of a cuckold, is a woman with an adulterous husband.
Donald Sutherland won 'Cuck of the Year' award for stating that he was "ashamed and growing more ashamed of being a privileged white male."
by Helpful Hero December 17, 2016
used in the context of 'marriage' mostly; more specifically; as a submissive husband to a dominant wife or spouse, girlfriend, etc.

- from cuckold -

n. 1. a 'cuckold' or 'cuckee'

2. a 'cuck' is a metaphysical shit on the head of a husband, boyfriend, etc; a thread of shame and indignation, a 'cuck' is made specifically with the aim of absolute submission from the 'cuckee'
"who gives a rats cuck?"

"that was some CUCK we just saw then"

by cuckman September 3, 2008
A derogatory term used to describe political left-wingers.
Stalin: Let us have a money-less society!

Hitler: Lol, fuck off u cuck.
by NotAGymLad May 14, 2016
A derogatory term used by the Alt-Right to designate a white person who publicly professes anti-white interests. A derivative of "cuckold" it is frequently used against GOP legislators who support non-identitarian or policies seen as too conciliatory towards the DNC.
Actual example used online: "Any low diversity area has the most hopelessly cucked white people, because they get all their knowledge of diversity from the MSM."
by Julius Nepos June 2, 2017
Deriviative of the archaic term "cuckold", a "cuck" is a male who submits to female authority as a form of virtue signalling, rather than owing to actual authority visa vie legitimate, reverent, positional or expert power. It implies a lack of masculinity on the part of the cuck.
Cuck: Oh, Em, GEE! Aren't you so excited that we get to participate in the historic election of the first woman President?

Man: Aaah... no, you silly limp-wristed faggot. She's an incompetent, corrupt grifter who belongs in jail. When she loses, I will celebrate by drinking the tears of liberals, eating red meat and watching porno.
by WhoIsJohnGaltRight December 1, 2016
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by penuaa November 2, 2018