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To be satisfied with ones self.
The kid was complacent with his small little trouble free world.

The hippies and lazy teenagers were complacent, complaining but never doing anything about it, never realizing they were part of the problem.

The complacent protestor held up a sign and screamed chants, complaining a lot, but never took any positive action to make a change.

The old guy became complacent and got a bunch of diseases because he didn't take care of himself, lacking the motivation to do anything with his waning years.
by S Murder October 04, 2006
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Content in the face of one's own, albeit with effort and participation, reversible demise.
Although humans possess the necessary critical thinking and problem-solving skills to alter the ever so grim fate of the planet, they dissent in denial and refusal from the dark complacent well of apathy unto the destruction of the planet.
by Earmagnet November 30, 2016
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A state of mind that everyone in the world is trapped in except for kids and teenagers, hippies, protestors, old people, and anyone who ever bothered to follow their dreams(and succeeded).
If being bitter and complacent is what it means to grow up, then let me stay immature forever.
by DarkMillennia August 25, 2003
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