Someone ever more beta than a beta.
He's neither alpha nor beta, he's a gamma. Next level simp.
by galeontiger August 2, 2020
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1.) The third letter of the Greek Alphabet

2.) A new wave of teenagers who are socially, personally and worldly aware. Usually those who are too realistic to be 'goth', too insightful to be 'punk', too smart to be 'prep', and too lazy to be a 'nerd'. Commonly confused with geek and losers, and referred to as 'those wierd kids by the water fountain'.
1.) none

2.) Don't confuse gamma with punk, gammas understand what it means to be a poser, and punks live it.
by terra109 October 17, 2003
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Abreviated form for GHB (Gamma-hydroxybutyrate). Also for GBL, or any other GHB precursor.
Man I need some gamma for tonight. If it ain't gamma, it ain't good. I'll come over your place as long as there's some gamma over there.
by K-TROOPER August 27, 2006
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The abreviated colloquial form of "get out of my"
by briary August 12, 2006
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a young white person (offen middle class) who dress's and talks like a urban street black man in a over the top manner, they try so hard that they irratate everyone.
by grumpyboy September 14, 2005
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Date rape drugs, sometimes taken by people in college who can't sleep
dangerous if mixed with alcohol
"Alan is crazy man! he took 4 doses of gamma and threw up like crazy"
by lad March 19, 2003
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A female easily susceptible to groupthink due to lack of moral courage and fortitude.
'Mean Girl' bullies exploit gamma weaknesses to serve their purposes.
by pushback October 23, 2012
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