A colourful square-shaped device that involves two or three Mixels to merge. If two Mixels merge, it's a Mix. If it goes wrong, it's a Murp. If three Mixels merge, it's a Max.
Flain: Let's mix with this cubit!
by Eggy543 June 19, 2019
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A being that resides in a cubicle for more than forty (40) hours per week, often isolated from other persons with the exception of an occasional coffee or restroom break. Feeding, napping and general wasting of time are the common activities of the cubite. Skin is typically pale as they don't tend to see the light of day and for some reason they have the common behavior of putting mirrors about them, possibly to detect when another cubite has invaded their territory. Activity of the cubite depends on the day of the week, often with Monday being the day of the lowest activity and a gradual increase with a peak on Friday.
Michael won't leave his cubicle for lunch; he's such a cubite.
by mbslabod February 04, 2010
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Verb /-ing,-ed/ ; Being made to work in a cubicle size space; Slang (past tense) ; "Cubed", ex. " Oh Man!", he just got "cubed" by that fool!" Noun form ; "Cubicle", the cubicle size space" you work in. Adj. ; "Cubical," "Cube",) judgemental, narrow/closeminded, "stereotyping" attitude that one displays. Usually used out of spite or jealousy. ex. "You're not gettin all "Cubical" on me, are you? ex. "Don't be gettin all "Cube" on me Beotch!"; Adj./adj.; "Cubically", ex. Someone who is cubically challenged
ex. If you don't have that project on my desk by 6am, I'll have to "CUBITIZE" you, and I know how much you like your new corner office, so don't let me down!
by phoobin April 30, 2010
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Only one Cubit Missile is known to exist. It is the male sexual (or lack thereof) organ.
The Cubit Missile is a tactical and stealth model. Its prime function is to remain undetected by the human eye and thus far has achieved this goal with a 100% success rate.
It has been widely reported by several international agencies that the Cubit Missile has a high failure rate, as close as 90% of test launches have resulted in a non-fire situation.
"Eric, I thought you said you were well endowed but thats ... a Cubit Missile"
by Finely Tuned March 23, 2009
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A measure of 20 inches. (Origins stem from the large Afro hairstyle of the mid-sixties).
Man, that blizzard must have laid at least an Afro-Cubit of snow on the ground.
by BriconXtreme2 December 31, 2010
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1.Meaning huge male organ, extremely large in size and girth.
That guy had a Cubit Missile in his pants!
by Ezy E March 21, 2009
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An annoying small person of the female origin. Usually wears glasses. Very irrelevant
Jake: isn't that grace such a cubit
Alex: yeh what a bitch
by Jtr January 27, 2017
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