Noun. A person with a noticable personality deficiency. More than just boring, a Murp has difficulty inciting interest in any way possible.
"That guy is such a Murp"
"Its Murpsville around here"
by Simon Dunne August 02, 2006
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A sound or expression used when you're extremely scared or just freaked out (possibly by something lame).

Strange, weird, retarded.
*On the internet*
Person A: And she took a photo of herself in her bra, and posted it in her profile.
Person B: Murp. :S

Badger: Yeah, the way he sniffed her hair was very murp.
by gelizzle June 09, 2005
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A word you say when you want to agree with a controversial statement, but at the same time you don't want to seem like an asshole.
"OMG, Rachel is such a bitch."
by agranulocytosis September 25, 2017
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An action noise created by thee online personality "An0maly." It's more or less an unenthused expression for having to get out of a chair or having to leave one room to enter another. Also can be used randomly for no apparent reason other than for the sake of murping.
Murp. I've gotta take a piss.

Murp. These apples aren't gunna wash themselves.

Murp. I'm awake.

Murp. I tooted.

Murp. Here I am world!
by mymouthismygun. December 17, 2017
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n. The result of two or more Mixels attempting to mix but ends up failing. Whatever creature forms is oftentimes hard to control.
Glomp: They didn't make a Mix...
Footi: They made a Murp!
by Mayonnaise Cap January 14, 2020
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Murp is one who is quiet and appears a little frumpy and upset.
You look really murpy today.
Why are you being such a murp?
Dude you are murpin over there.
You look like a murpy shwa.
by Murp Murp September 07, 2014
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