person 1: dude why didn't you show up to the hockey game last night? you told us to buy your tickets!

person 2: oh my bad man, did nashville win?

person 1: cts, just tell me why you weren't there.
by dodongo56 May 1, 2011
Come this Side! If anything hot, especially a hot girl, or even a hot car rolls by, and you strongly approve of or would like to get all up in it.
Damn B, this bar has got a lotta cts up in here.
by hd diddy June 24, 2006
challenge that shit, in football when a challengeablle play is made
wtf, cts, seahawks!!!!!!!
by bman920 September 27, 2011
Chronic Tanning Syndrome. When a person submits to the wrath of daily tanning sessions, completely turning their skin into a orangish brown hue.
an overly bronzed beauty walks by...

"goddamn that girl's got CTS"
by MattD June 19, 2005
In San Francisco the term "CT" stands for Chinatown. A new term has emerged for "CT" meaning "Chinese gang" or "Chinese gangster". The term "CT" in San Francisco, CA is primarily used by young Asian and Asian-American teens attending the public schools.
"Yo son let's meet up at ct."
"A bunch of CT's jumped the Nortenos."
by crazyemily009 August 14, 2008
A female or gay male who refuses to put out. A cock tease.
She's hot, but I hear she's a CT.
by SpiderMark March 23, 2003