In San Francisco the term "CT" stands for Chinatown. A new term has emerged for "CT" meaning "Chinese gang" or "Chinese gangster". The term "CT" in San Francisco, CA is primarily used by young Asian and Asian-American teens attending the public schools.
"Yo son let's meet up at ct."
"A bunch of CT's jumped the Nortenos."
by crazyemily009 August 14, 2008
mostly used in S.F meaning the gangs that are in Chinatown.Not necessarily chinease people.

I man the ct called him a scrap and they started fighting
by thug nation April 10, 2008
Acronym for "Can't Talk"
by TheDude March 11, 2005
Abbreviation for "city".

Mostly used in "txt" talk.
Friend #1: lets go ct on friday

Friend #2: ya sure
by why, hello July 11, 2008
acronym for consultation time; a meeting held on Microsoft's Netmeeting during work hours so that those involved will not be punished for chatting all day instead of working.
Join us for ct!
by jntprwkt June 25, 2004
Computer Telephony. CT industry standard, means the equipment hardware and software complies with standards in computer telephony.
CT industry standard, CT Media, and CT certified.
by StandardTelephone November 30, 2004
person 1: dude why didn't you show up to the hockey game last night? you told us to buy your tickets!

person 2: oh my bad man, did nashville win?

person 1: cts, just tell me why you weren't there.
by dodongo56 May 1, 2011