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A term of utter contempt for a worthless, meretricious person, a no-account, with the implication that s/he is of low moral character.

A "bum" has long been an Americanism for a tramp, vagabond or homeless person (and lacking in the "backside" meaning as in the U.K.). The "crumb" may come from the irritating or useless character of bread crumbs or toaster crumbs, but it is possible (despite the spelling) that the first syllable derives from "crummy" as in worthless, detestable. The internal rhyme solidifies the expression.
"I have no use for my daughter's ex-husband. Ever since the divorce he drifts from job to job and is always behind on child-support payments. He doesn't even send his child a birthday card! As far as I'm concerned, he's a complete crumb-bum."

by al-in-chgo August 18, 2010
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Someone who is acting like a complete arse, affectionate insult
You crumb bum
by MH June 06, 2003
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Not just being a bum but the lifestyle. Going around care-free, looking any type of way, acting any type of way.
Arely said,"Alonté wore sweat pants and a baggy sweatshirt to school instead of the uniform; he also skipped all of his classes today. A classic crumb bum."
by Tyreecro January 12, 2012
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when you eat in bed, then later have sex in it, you will get the crumb bum.
this morning i woke up with mad crumb bum, now i know never to eat crackers in bed.
by rodolfogustavo October 04, 2009
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a person with a particularily negative attitude; often seen in irish men who believe in karma.
My neighbor is being such a crumb bum.
by princess January 19, 2005
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