To go for a ride. To keep a steady flow of things. To let something happen naturally with no pressure added. To move forward at a comfortable pace. To just leave the past behind and look ahead. To enjoy someone you can see yourself with on the road ahead.
Me and this guy been seeing each other for awhile. I dont know what to think but i like him. So I'll just let it cruise and see where it takes us.
by Sweets1980 June 29, 2015
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The act of aimlessly driving around, often complimented with music, acquaintances, food, etc.
"Hey, what should we do tonight?"

"I don't even know, dude, perhaps a cruise?"

"Sounds awesome, I'll go get the keys!"
by sweticles July 02, 2009
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1. To travel (to somewhere).

2. To leave the current location (often 'cruise out').

3. To wear (an article of clothing).
"Yo, let's cruise Lester's jam."

"Pure tin soldiers, this is shit is wack, imma cruise out."

"Don't cruise that busted sweater again!"
by Parkson Wrecks March 25, 2006
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Cruise is a man who has had many adventures in his life, and that has given him many exciting stories to tell. Cruise's adventures have led to bad experiences as well. But Cruise doesn't open up easily. And Cruise doesn't like to be pushed, or told what to do. Cruise cal light up a room instantly, if that's with literal fire, with laughter. He is funny and very social. Everyone knows the name Cruise. Cruise has gotten him self this far into life without help and doesn't want your pitty or charity. Cruise has a tough exterior but once he opens up weather he likes it or not he will more than likely cry. Because if Cruise opens up to you, then you are someone special. Someone who has earned his trust. Never Cross Cruise. Cruise chooses his friends wisely and they are just as loyal as he is. Cruise stands with his friends like family. And in a relationship Cruise is a hopeless romantic (and a little freaky) but he will treat his girl like a queen. He may not have big pockets, But he has the biggest heart. Cruise is Loyal, Caring, Funny, and just over all a well rounded individual, if you know Cruise don't let him go.
by Kings Knight October 26, 2019
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A Cruise is someone that has a severe case of diarrhea all the time. It means that the diarrhea is "cruising" around in their pants. People said it all the time in my middle school, and they even say it in my daughters school.
Man that guy has to be a cruise, I haven't seen him leave the restroom all morning!
by Jishnu October 13, 2017
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To visit or pass in a decidedly stylish manner.

Also to sit around in a big boat for too long in a decidedly less-stylish manner.
Ships of war were aent to cruise near the isle of Bute.
by Blueberry Snow April 07, 2004
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