The act of breaking wind as you walk past a group of people or through a room, thereby leaving a trail of gas behind you.
"You smell that?" "Yeah, I think Luke was crop dusting when he came through here a minute ago."
by JLittle January 28, 2007
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when someone farts they walk around to spread the smell so nobody knows who fuckin ripped
dude that shit smells, you better do some crop dusting or people are gunna be suspicious
by Antwon Jenkinsss August 9, 2008
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passing gas while walking, sometimes in hopes of not being present when the smell is realized, sometimes as a means of torturing a number of people at once.
Jim cropdusted the cubefarm at his office and nearly killed 20
by Nerraux March 4, 2005
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When you are at a party or a club and you need to fart so you move really quickly somewhere else and fart while you are moving, laying your odor everywhere but where you were.

Usually is really funny.
1 Hey man, I gotta fart, really badly.
2 Don't do it here, go crop dusting.
1 O shit, thats right.
by poqwer September 14, 2007
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when sitting or standing next to friends you fart and walk away as if nothing happened and wait for their reactions
your friend just walk away and u smell something rank
dude, theirs no need for crop dusting
by corey Hines May 18, 2008
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When you walk by someone or a group and let one go, such as in an elevator, so that no one knows for sure who did it. But all can smell it!
When your on an airplane walking to the front lavatory and you let one go... your crop dusting!
by Fitchick June 2, 2009
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Dropping continuous farts while walking through shopping aisles or large crowds, leaving the smell for everyone else to enjoy while you casually walk on.
"Careful, don't go up the stairs, I was crop dusting all the way down!"

Uuuurgh, can you smell that? Someones been crop dusting here!
by kalvar January 15, 2014
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