When someone releases flachulance as they walk by someone or several people and act like nothing happened leaving you to smell it
That smelly Travis was crop dusting today in class again! Hes gonna over fertilize my nose
by b-real August 7, 2004
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this is when your at a real busy bar or club and a dude rubs up on you trying to get by. even though there is a cute girls standing right behind you he could have rubbed up on.
yo jeff, that dude just crop dusted me, i swear, the next person to do it is getting lumped up. yo
by j August 4, 2004
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the act of flatulating while being spooned by your partner
last night i got crop dusted by my old lady while we were spooning.
by qtip April 15, 2005
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A slang term used among many avid bird lovers or wildlife rehabilitation workers to define the particular defense display that is unique and limited only to barn owls. A barn owl, when cornered, will fan out it's wings and lower it's head, swinging it slowly from side to side as it hisses. This display is termed as crop dusting.
"wtf is that owl doing?"
"crop dusting, leave it alone."
by Julia Stewert November 7, 2007
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walking around a wide area spreading your essence.
when in public or private, releasing gas and thinking you leaving the spot denies claim to the smell, when in fact you are "crop dusting" your smell across the whole room.
by miami vice May 28, 2009
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The practice of passing gas in a crowd of people unbeknownst to them
While walking through the mall, I crop dusted the unsuspecting holiday shoppers.
by Jeff M October 20, 2003
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unleashing an unbarable fart on an unsuspecting civilian
Kumar crop dusted on a kid at Blockbuster's that caused the kid to suffocate.
by Arex Troy January 7, 2008
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