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The art of making tablecloths, doilies, afghans, blankets out of yarn. Similar to knitting but with only 1 "needle" called a crochet hook.
My Mom did crochet Lots! She made dozens & dozens of afghans for family & as gifts & for newborn babies.
by Starchylde May 30, 2016
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something slut buckets do to pass their miserable, pointless hours. a time-consuming, life-wasting endeavor. often passed off as a "creative" activity. boring, stupid, kill yourself right now. (i'm kidding)
1. No, I'm sorry, I can't go to the Bob Dylan concert with you because I've gotta stay home and crochet. I'm way behind.

2. Dude, where's my crochet hook?

3. Get yo' bitch ass off da phone and back to crochetin'!

4. Oh my God, I didn't know Michael Stipe was gay. I'm gonna go home and crochet.

5. My grandmother sits outside the Cracker Barrel and crochets and yells at kids and she hates them because they're young and she remembers when she was young and how much more interesting her life was back then.

by M. Stewart March 24, 2003
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The process of tying knots to tie more knots to further tie knots, therefor making a scarf.
I wasted a lot of time making a scarf using crochet.
by sweetspanishflower May 16, 2016
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1) Directionless meandering; to walk or otherwise transport about without destination.
Every day between 3 and 4 PM one can spot Mitch crocheting about campus.
by Mitch Hansen March 02, 2006
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