Name for the sunglasses strap first used by contractors, fishermen, golfers, etc, then made popular on college campuses in the south by fraternity guys. Considered by some to be the hallmark of the frat boy, much as the Vera Bradley purse is to the sorority girl.
Sport fisherman: I have croakies for my ray-bans that float in case they fall off in the water.

Frat boy: Me too!

Sport fisherman: The only time you need to worry about them falling off is when youre doing a kegstand.
the genatil area of the male body, or the balls.
"im going to kick you in the croakies!"
by shorti h September 4, 2009
A large frog who either accidentally or purposefully eats it's own eggs

These frogs span from regions south of the U.S. border, they are regularly mistaken for the Chupacabra.
that damn croakie ate up those baby croakies and there was only one left so we named him jism.
by egwscheid October 13, 2010
nasty, ugly, fugly, scary looking, fat
RT: ew look at that girl over there bro!!

Tyler: yeah dude shes croaky...
by TDOWD May 17, 2011
To give someone a Croaky Jim, one must place their own excrement, ejaculate, urine, and blood into a blender or food processor to create a wonderful concoction. The result of drinking this concoction is a unique, croaky voice due to the coagulation of all the bodily fluids lubricating one's vocal chords.
Person 1 "I gave her the Croaky Jim last night"
Person 2 "What the fuck is wrong with you"
Person 1 "A lot, help me please"
by Marques Parana May 25, 2020
If a person or their voice is croaky, their voice sounds rough because they have a sore or dry throat:

He has lost his sonorous voice and sounds a bit like a croaky Dalek.

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(Definition of croaky from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)
He called into work with a croaky voice, saying he was ill.
I'm feeling much better now but I'm still croaky.

More examples
You sound quite croaky, have you got a sore throat?
It didn't sound like her voice, it sounded harsh and croaky.
He spoke in a croaky whisper.
She opened her mouth like she wanted to scream, but all that came out was a croaky “Water…”
by Plutonic Sheet March 8, 2021
Croakie (v): To Croakie

The act of wearing croakies.
"Caitlin totally croakied it up yesterday at the beach!"
by Dumbkid July 7, 2012