When you are being honest (speaking what you feel and not sugarcoating) by taking a position against something.

ex: RT guys, I really hate people who drive automatic cars.
by Grotex November 26, 2013
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Meaning Real Talk, or bringing up a serious subject to talk about.
Okay RT Jim, did you eat her ass or nah?
by DBeast98 August 23, 2016
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Re-Tweet. The act of taking someone's tweet and posting it as your own. RT is the disclaimer so that someone doesn't accuse you of plagiarism on Twitter
Twitter1: Hanna Montana naked! tinyurl.com/random
Twitter2: Hanna Montana naked tinyurl.com/random
Twitter3: You bastard! you didn't mention the RT!
Twitter2: RT from @Twitter1: Hanna Montana naked! tinyurl.com/random
by hybuirr January 19, 2009
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Retweet. To quote and forward someone's message on twitter through your own account.
by charcoalstar March 19, 2009
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1) ROBLOX Talk
2) ReTweet
3) Russia Today
1) I'm gonna go on RT
2) I'm gonna RT this
3) I'm gonna go on RT
by xdarkvEnom November 3, 2013
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Official abbreviation and formal name for independent news organization Russia Today.
by Zool777 September 11, 2012
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A shortening of 'roger that,' usually in a written context.
Guy 1: "hey dude i dont think the party is going to work out for tonight"
Guy 2: "rt"
by javierjabanero June 23, 2015
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