The best on a scale of 1 to crispy.
So-and-so (or such-and-such) is so crispy!
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Crispy: When the booty look like you can make the sound of a crisp high five
"How dose my ass look in these pants?"

"Girl your ass looks Crispy!"
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by wyz33 April 19, 2018
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adjective - Something of good quality/worth; denotes a generally good thing; tasty/fragrant - generally appealing to the senses. (antonym - crunchy)
Ah that's well crispy; I've got a crispy story for you; Anyone want some crispy cake? Mate I smashed some bare crispy box last night (see also 'bare' and 'smash some box')
by Chri and Ste December 02, 2007
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The term used to describe something as cool or impressive.
"Hey dude that jacket is so crispy"

"Woah did you see that goal, It was crispy"
by cjt_96 January 05, 2012
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Money, esp a 1 dollar bill; a single.

So named because of the crispiness of 1 dollar bills.

Also diminutive because $1 isn't a lot of money.
"I'd pay up to 15 crispies to see what her boobs look like" said Jamal.
by AndyFox1979 July 26, 2007
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crunk (high and drunk) + tipsy, being tipsy while being high. a couple of shots and 5-6 hits of weed.
Person 1: yo man u coming over
Person 2: yeah for a little bit, i can only get crispy
Person 1: Why man we're all getting crunk?
Person 2: I have to go out later and take a couple more shots
by laurentyethagenius September 16, 2013
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