tiktok editors add this to the captions of their videos, usually including a minor with a cropped top on/bikini, so their videos don't get taken down for "minor safety" or "nudity" etc.
by wanna get drunk n nasty? September 18, 2021
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fake body is often used by fanpages on tik tok so when their stan wears cropped tops the posts dont get banned
⚠️FAKE BODY⚠️ #fyp #foryou
by ellegreen September 6, 2021
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Used on TikTok in captions under posts. Used so that TikTok will think their body is fake (eg. a fake body suit) and TikTok then won't take it down because they wouldn't be showing their "real body."
*posts video showing what TikTok would take down* caption: (FAKE BODY)

TikTok: Fair enough, have a nice day.
by Rileyisafk December 18, 2022
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People say fake body when sometimes editing somewhere wearing a piece of clothing that shows skin so the video doesn't get flagged and took down
by Smexy rexy {not my name} March 20, 2023
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Someone who ain’t shit. Fake asf. Does shady shit etc…
She’s supposed to be my friend - but she fucked my man, FAKE BODY.
by LaughingBeauty October 12, 2022
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